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New product and prices for selfservice portal

Digital closeness is our passion. In order to come closer online you need high speeds and stable connections. We are introducing a new product, upgrading some of our existing products and increasing our prices for selfservice portal customers. This information was sent to our customers by email or letter on the 1st april 2021.

Price changes

We make your online day possible by powering videocalls and online games with close ones, work from home and online meetings with colleagues, as well as streaming film and music whenever you want. We are your local and personal internet service provider in Sandviken municipality and our focus is on giving you higher speeds and stable surf to the best price. As we welcome a new product to our selection we are also adjustting our prices for existing products.

Connection speeds below are in Mbit/s download/upload.

New prices from 1 may 2021

10/10: 250 SEK per month (previously 245 SEK per month)

100/10: 330 SEK per month (previously 295 SEK per month)

100/100: 400 SEK per month (previously 345 SEK per month)

New prices from 1 july 2021

250/250: 450 SEK per month (previously 395 SEK per month)

1000/1000: 650 SEK per month (previously 595 SEK per month)

New product 500/500

Surfing online fast and freely should be simple! Our newest addition 500/500 is perfect for customers who do multiple things online at the same time, for instance working from home, streaming films and online gaming. 500 Mbit/s download, 500 Mbit/s upload for 500 SEK per month – quick and easy!

Special offer! Pay only 445 SEK per month during 1 april 2021 – 30 june 2021 (500 SEK per month from 1 july 2021)

Order 500/500 Länk till annan webbplats.

Upgraded products: 250/250 and 1000/1000

How we use the internet nowadays has changed a lot during the last year. More data is uploaded when you are working from home or gaming online. In order to give our customers the best conditions for a seamless experience, we are increasing the upload speed for our high speed products. 250/100 is increasing to 250/250 and 1000/100 to 1000/1000. Customers with these products will be upgraded automatically 1st april 2021.

Price increases for these products are set for 1 july 2021 with 3 months notice because these services are changing.

Orders and questions

Changing your speed is simple, just log into the selfservice portal using the link below. If you have questions regarding price changes or our new speeds, please check our FAQ (swedish) on our webiste. Our customer service team are also available to help by e-mail or phone 026-24 16 00.

Selfservice portal (in swedish) Länk till annan webbplats.

FAQ (in swedish)

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